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Mikael Colville-Andersen is known by his nom de plume, Zakkaliciousness. His fans the world over group to his blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, to see photographs of delightful, in vogue ladies on brilliant bikes. Be that as it may, these ladies are not lycra-clad models presenting to help sell the most recent carbon fiber wonderbike. They are common workers transporting themselves through their day by day lives (and he includes a lot of shots of men and youngsters too). Colville-Andersen has an exceptional ability for confining authentic shots which make the subjects look great, yet additionally show exactly how simple and acknowledged it is to go by bike in Copenhagen. Colville-Andersen’s other blog, Copenhagenize, includes more bike related political and social discourse with less accentuation on “design photographs.” In the two online journals, he is an enthusiastic evangelist, lecturing the good news of useful cycling to all who will tune in. His photographs and his words ought to be a motivation to true cyclists over the globe.

Q: You take such a large number of brilliant photographs of shocking, a la mode ladies on magnificent bikes. Would you be able to disclose to me which is lovelier, a wonderful lady or an excellent bicycle?

A: Certainly a wonderful lady, or only a delightful individual, truly. I don’t have a bicycle interest by any stretch of the imagination, so the bicycles are optional to the cyclists. All things considered, a bike makes anybody look great. It’s an odd yet pleasurable logical inconsistency.

Q: How does your significant other, a.k.a. wifealiciousness, feel about you enthusiasm for shooting lovely ladies?

An: A large number of my absolute best chances were indicated out me by my better half while we were out riding some place. A prod on the elbow or a murmured, “get your camera out…”. So she is a major piece of it, as she is a major piece of all that I do.

Q: How would you set up your shots of the Copenhagen cycling scene? Does it take bunches of work and tolerance? Or on the other hand is it for the most part a matter of karma and ensuring you generally have a camera prepared?

A: The central matter with my blog is that I just take photographs while approaching my day by day life. As a rule from my bicycle. Me getting down to business, to the general store, to gatherings, to the film, and so forth. It has required some investment to consummate the strategy of hauling out my camera and shooting on the fly, yet that is only a great “careful discipline brings about promising results” tale. Karma is frequently a piece of it, however I generally have two cameras good to go. A Standard IXUS 75 for the speedy shots and an Ordinance G9 for the ones where I have additional time.

Q: How have Copenhagen and other European urban communities made travel by bike so natural, acknowledged, and stylish? What can urban communities in the USA and different pieces of the world do to imitate the best components of Copenhagen’s cycling society?

A: Copenhagen has been committed to making ‘bearable spaces for living individuals’ for most of four decades. Bike framework is a major piece of it, however not by any means the only part. It is a great story of ‘in the event that you fabricate it, they will come.’ On the off chance that you offer your natives the chance to ride, by giving isolated bicycle paths and offices, they will ride. In the event that you help present cycling as simple and quick and available, marking it as a satisfactory type of transport, they will ride. Less spotlight on wellbeing – individuals aren’t dumb – more spotlight on the advantages of cycling – individual and societal – and you are planting the seeds of bike culture. In North America, the games business have buckled down for a considerable length of time to sell cycling as a game or an interest. Presently we have to get individuals to acknowledge it doesn’t need to be just a game. It is transport for individuals in ordinary garments. 54% of Copenhageners ride their bicycles since it’s simple and quick. Utilizing your bicycle is a given here. It’s second nature. It’s not something you consider. You do what needs to be done.

Q: Do you have a most loved bike? Assuming this is the case, if it’s not too much trouble portray it.

An: I like my Velorbis Scrap Select. It’s smooth, cool and made for urban cycling. None of that twisting around the handlebars – I’m not in Stage 12 of the Visit de France, I’m heading off to a bistro – I like sitting up and making the most of my wonderful city.

Q: Is it reasonable for state that you are an energetic adversary of bike caps? Assuming this is the case, if it’s not too much trouble clarify your position. If not, if it’s not too much trouble depict your position on head protectors.

An: I’m against head protector advancement and enactment and a defender of individual decision. In the wake of having really perused the reams and reams of logical research from the previous decades, I’ve discovered that they complete two perilous things; they give the feeling that cycling is a risky movement and they viably slaughter off bicycle culture by startling individuals. In North America the enormous bicycle protective cap producers stay quiet about the science and rather money hall bunches who do the scolding and who appropriate faulty insights. European administrators, in nations with a solid bicycle culture, really get their work done. Thus, you won’t discover officials who will pass laws compelling individuals to wear protective caps. At that point you have the straightforward logical certainty that caps are intended to shield your head from cuts and blackouts in solo mishaps under 20 kph. It’s astonishing to me that individuals have been persuaded by hall bunches that head protectors will counteract mind damage and passing. Miserable and astounding. Essentially, in my eyes, head protector advocates wish to sell dread and, by expansion, caps for benefit. Bike advocates wish to sell cycling and, by expansion, all the wellbeing and societal advantages that involves. Furthermore, it’s everything not for benefit.

Q: What do you say to Americans who disclose to me that they completely can’t drive by bike except if there is a shower accessible to them at work?

An: I think I simply feign exacerbation. There are 100 million Europeans who ride their bicycle day by day and they jump on fine without this odd ‘shower at work’ edge. It’s simply one more crazy approach to continue marking cycling as energetic, sweat-soaked and troublesome, when the inverse is valid.

Q: Do you possess a vehicle? Assuming this is the case, what level of your treks are taken in the vehicle versus on bikes as opposed to utilizing open transportation? If not, how would you get around when you have to go further or pull more than is down to earth with a bike?

An: I don’t claim a vehicle, no. We are in a vehicle share program in the event that we need one two or three times each year. In Copenhagen, just 30% of the populace claims a vehicle. This is in one of the most extravagant nations on the planet, so it is anything but an issue of expense. The lowest pay permitted by law is $20 dollars 60 minutes, for sky purpose. It’s only in light of the fact that it’s simpler to ride or take open transport.

Q: What do you like for breakfast?

A: We eat müsli with crisp foods grown from the ground a toasted roll. What’s more, espresso. The children, as most Danish children, eat their hot porridge. :- )

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